AVENGERS: ENDGAME Smashes Day 1 Opening Record With $157 Million

Records are made to be broken and AVENGERS: ENDGAME will most definitely be taking down many of them. It already has made more than any other movie has made during a Thursday night opening by taking in $60 million.

Now, another record falls as Endgame has achieved more sales in Day 1 at the box office than any movie in history.

According to Deadline, AVENGERS: ENDGAME has made an estimated $157 million in its first day of domestic release. That is ridiculous. Usually a total of $157 million for an entire opening weekend is absolutely fantastic, but we are talking about Day 1 of release. To give this some context, the previous record holder was STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS which made $119 million in its first day. And consider how the total opening weekend take for AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR was $257 million (the current opening weekend box office record). Only $100 million more to go with two days left for Endgame to crush the record set last year by Infinity War.

Originally projected to open in the $250 million range for this weekend, that prediction has jumped big time to as high as $350 million — and potentially even higher — in one weekend. Most blockbuster films are thrilled to make $350 million in its entire domestic run.

There was a thought how AVENGERS: ENDGAME could have a chance at the first $1 billion worldwide opening weekend going into this weekend. Today, that chance is more realistic than ever before.

These numbers are astounding and it may be a very, very long time until we see any other film even have a remote chance of coming this close to Endgame's opening weekend records. I'm not even sure STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER can do opening numbers this big this December.

Written by Daniel Wolf, Founder & Publisher

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