Review: You'll Laugh, You'll Cry, You Will Love AVENGERS: ENDGAME


One of the hardest things to do when telling a long-form narrative is to give those who are consuming its story a satisfying conclusion. In movies it is rare because the long-form narrative is a somewhat new thing that has been established by Marvel Studios. Sure, there's been movie trilogies in the past, but we are talking about 22 films that have built toward a closure in AVENGERS: ENDGAME.

While television has had long-form narratives longer than the film industry, few shows have accomplished the feat of ending in a satisfying way for the majority of its audience. Most recently, BREAKING BAD was able to accomplish this, and right now GAME OF THRONES is trying to do the same in its final season.

Now, AVENGERS: ENDGAME has accomplished the impossible and that is to close out a 22 movie narrative in a way that is so satisfying that it feels historic when the credits roll. Walking out of the film and digesting everything that took place did take several hours after, but that feeling of gratification at its ending was still present. Sure, there was some pain to go along with that gratification, but that should be expected as not all of the original Avengers come out of Endgame alive. Death is not a spoiler when I say that and it should be expected since the events of AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR took place.

In order to not get into many details at all, the vagueness of this review is intentional. You need to see everything that happens with your own eyes so please do everything in your power to stay away from spoilers. Log off of social media if you have to... it's only a few more days until it releases on Friday and you can probably use some digital cleansing anyway.

What I will say is that you have no clue what you're about to see. You may have some vague ideas and concepts from online reports and/or leaks over the past year, but let me tell you that the footage you're seeing in the trailers and TV spots are things that happen in the first Act of the movie. There are two whole Acts of the movie to surprise you, shock you, make you laugh, and make you cry.

There have been many social media reactions from the Hollywood press saying they cried multiple times during AVENGERS: ENDGAME, and I can see where that would happen after seeing it. Although, I cannot remember the last time I felt tears rolling down my face during a film until seeing Endgame. When Peter Parker was dusted in Infinity War, I got really choked up, but I did not cry. In Endgame I felt two tears rolling down my face after being very, very choked up in a moment. I'm a grown man who cried during a superhero movie... and I'm able to say it publicly and I'm proud of it.

Now let me get to some tidbits from the movie that are not revealing anything at all starting with the pacing. The pacing of this film is off-the-charts where it doesn't feel like you're watching a three-hour movie. Good luck trying to find any downtime to use the bathroom. My suggestion is to not drink any liquids approximately an hour and a half before your showtime... otherwise, you will have to get up and use the restroom and you will miss something important, or funny, or sad. Do yourself a favor and stick to my suggestion to prevent yourself from having to try to hold on to some crippling pee.

On to the fan service in AVENGERS: ENDGAME. There is a ton of it, but it doesn't feel like fan service as it is very organic and happens as it needs to. I had a smile on my face a lot because of it. Some moviegoers may get turned off by it, but anyone who does might be a bit dead on the inside because we all want the type of fan service Endgame provides.

If I had to choose one character who I think gave the best overall performance in Endgame, I would have to lean toward Thor. His character development has gone to the next level starting in THOR: RAGNAROK then in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR. In Endgame, he becomes an even better version and steals many scenes he is in. I will always love Iron Man and Captain America, but my love for Thor has grown exponentially in recent years and when you see him in AVENGERS: ENDGAME there is a very good chance that he is one of the superheroes you will still think about the most after seeing the movie.

But I will not let other great performances get put aside as Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, and even Nebula are all tremendous in their respective roles and their purpose throughout the story of this movie. And yes, Thanos is a badass yet again.

To close, I will say that there were a few hiccups in the movie as this is not a perfect film, but damn near close to it. There are minimal issues and mostly along the lines of things happening to propel the story forward by the means of convenience. Several times something happens that is advantageous to the progression of the story but it still works, albeit being just a little bit cheesy.

I laughed, I cried, I instantly love this movie and I hope you will too when you get the chance to see it.

Written by Daniel Wolf, Founder and Publisher