Disney CEO Says the DEADPOOL Franchise Will Remain Rated R With Careful Branding

Right after Disney announced their acquisition of Fox movie and television properties, CEO Bob Iger said he would like to keep the DEADPOOL franchise as-is. This came before DEADPOOL 2 released and the sequel has now gone on to surpass the worldwide box office total of the original, with the help of its PG-13 recut which was able to release in China.

According to Variety, on an earnings call, Iger reinforced his original sentiment about the franchise. However, Disney will be careful with future DEADPOOL releases in a way that keeps the mature franchise's brand separate from the Disney (proper) brand.

This is great news as rumors recently suggested that DEADPOOL 3 and X-FORCE — which will be a mature ensemble movie starring Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool and Josh Brolin's Cable — may not happen when Disney takes full control of the franchise. The assumption now is that Deadpool and his friends are safe under the Mouse's oversight and looks to continue as-is, as Iger initially said over a year ago.