SUPERGIRL Season 4 Episode 2 Review: Fallout

After that explosive premiere, Supergirl is dealing with the aftermath of the country finding out their president is an alien. The president has decided to step down in an effort not to create more chaos among the people. Outside the White House, protesting for and against alien kind escalated into a fight which Supergirl subdues. 

There is conflict inside of the DEO as well. Alex stops an argument between two agents who disagree over the president not disclosing her alien status. You’d think if your former boss was an alien, you wouldn’t be so bothered by it but go figure. Alex focuses on interrogating Otis and finds out that Mercy is working with someone else. 

Kara goes to Luther Corp to talk to Lena about it who tells her how Mercy was head of Lex’s security and used to be a close friend of hers. Lena’s assistant, Eve, comes in to tell her that the lead programmer for the image inducers was killed (unbeknownst to them, by Mercy). They scramble to make sure whoever stole his laptop doesn’t hack them. They manager to stop Mercy before she brings down the whole Image Inducer program but Brainy’s goes down for a while. 

The building goes into lock down as Mercy attacks with her goons. Kara desperately tries to find a place to get away and change into Supergirl but Lena Kees her and Eve close. Finally, when Lena and Mercy battle it out using arms from the Lex suit that Lillian used, Supergirl comes in at the perfect time and captures Mercy. Mercy and Otis are now in custody but they plant seeds of doubt into the mind of one of the DEO agents, Jensen, and they escape. 

Supergirl addresses National City on the news in response to the attacks and riots. She implores people to not be overcome by fear and stands behind the Vice President as he takes office. As Supergirl leaves the White House she is a hit by a safe kryptonite thanks to Mercy and Otis and falls unconscious, falling through the sky. 

Hank is worried when his friend Fiona goes missing. He goes to her apartment to look for clues and is lead to a police office, who he follows to a anti-alien rally led by Agent Liberty himself. This guy has now made his prescience aware and it’s only a matter of time before Supergirl comes after him herself. 

With Mercy and Otis on the loose, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them starting but Kara close to home. Agent Liberty is already talking to the people of National City, it won’t be long before they’re encouraged to do serious damage and not with baseball bat. 

While his image inducer goes offline, Brainy nearly gets into an altercation at a pizza parlor when they realize he’s alien. Nia, who's there at the same time, stands up for him. After his event, Nia speaks with James about doing an editorial to speak about the injustices surrounding the aliens. Nia is starting to get her voice thanks to Kara and making a name for herself at Catco. 

Brainy was thoroughly shaken up over the events at the pizza parlor. He logically understands it but the pain and hurt about this discrimination hit him close to home. Although he is usually very methodical about his approach, it wouldn’t be surprising for him to start to be a real ally in the right for aliens. 

With all this political unrest, I think it’s about time that Superman showed up and made a move. If there’s any a time that two Kryptonians are needed, it’d be now.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer

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