SUPERGIRL Season 4 Preview

The premiere of SUPERGIRL Season 4 is right around the corner and there’s plenty to be excited about. 

SUPERGIRL Season 3 ended with Alex ended up making a decision about wanting to have a baby and sooner rather than later. This was definitely a long time coming considering she broke up with Maggie over it. She is officially going for it. J’onn, fully supporting her, has stepped down from his position at the DEO and raised her to the position of director. 

Winn and Mon-El took off to the future to save it with the help of Winn’s tech. Brainiac, however, stayed behind to help them out. 

In the most shocking ending, a clone of Kara is seen walking around somewhere in Siberia (a hint to a possible storyline following the Red Son comics originally about Superman). 

Although we are sad to see Winn and Mon-El go, there are plenty of new characters that are popping up: Sam Witwer will be playing Agent Liberty; David Ajala will take on the role of villian, Manchester Black; We’ll have a new military character in Colonel Haley played by April Park Jones. 

All very exciting additions to the show but perhaps the most amazing news is that Supergirl will be showing the first transgender superhero. We’ll be seeing superhero Nia Nals aka Dreamer played by Nicole Maines who will be Kara’s new mentee at Catco. 

As always, SUPERGIRL will also be apart of a DC crossover to happen sometimes in December with THE FLASHARROW, and the network's other DC shows with a hint that we’ll get a first look at the Batwoman, who’ll be joining The CW with her own series next year. 

SUPERGIRL returns on a new day, Sunday, October 14th at 8pm.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer