SUEPRGIRL Season 4 Episode 1 Review: American Alien

After several changes to Kara’s life, including people leaving, she seems to finally have it under control. She’s killing it at Supergirl. Apparently, Superman is off word on Argo and Supergirl is busy saving people across the country and getting some credit as a journalist as well.

Alex is also in her prime as the newly appointed director of the DEO. Even taking the time to train new recruits. Her achievements don’t go unnoticed by the President (remember secretly an alien herself) who comes by for a visit.

The others seem to be thriving as well. James and Lena are still together. Sam moved to Metropolis to run their division of L-Corp. The only bump in the road is that James is dealing with the District Attorney about his work as Guardian. 

All good things must come to an end, Supergirl meets her match when she attempts to stop a man and a woman from breaking into a lab run by an alien whose in Hank’s alien support group. They easily steal an EMP before Supergirl can stop them. 

Brainy, who is grounded due to him not taking orders very well, manages to get information on the thieves. They are Otis and Mercy Graves who are siblings and used to work for Lex and than his mother. This brings Supergirl to the prison to speak with her and runs across Lena who came to visit Lillian as well. Lillian helps Supergirl with where the Graves siblings could be hiding under the guise she wants to change. Of course no one believes that. 

Hank is doing his best to keep peace in his alien support group but can feel the anti-alien feelings in the air. This is exacerbated by an attack on the alien bar when a bomb is thrown through the window. He and Supergirl have differing opinions on how humans feel towards aliens especially when she doesn’t agree with him that the attack in the lab and at the bar were related. Kara is really not looking for anyone to kill her vibe. 

Brainy locates the Graves’ siblings at an abandoned warehouse but Supergirl gets there too late. She does find their headquarters filled with computers that have chats about attacking aliens filtered through the dark web. She even speaks with a mother with someone who was sold weapons to attack an alien. This leads Brainy to find existence they’re going to attack Camp David at the alien summit the president is hosting 

Since the president refuses to back down to terrorists, she continues with her summit with protection from Supergirl and the DEO. When Mercy and Otis attack, they’re unsuccessful at killing the president but Supergirl only catches Otis as Mercy shoots him in a bulletproof vest to get away. 

Hank and Kara makeup because she realizes that forcing him to go to war when he chose a path of peace is wrong. Though if the anti alien extremists keep attacking, its doubtful he’ll take the peaceful path much longer. Together they see on the news of the President taking a shot for an agent and her true alien form being revealed. That’s sure to stir up trouble. Mercy and Agent Liberty kidnap Hank’s support group member, Fiona, and kill her just for the sake of murdering an alien. 

Halfway across the word in Kasnia (where Supergirl was earlier to stop train from going over a cliff) Supergirl’s doppelgänger is punching the wall of some sort of cave surrounded by soldiers in an obvious attempt to get at something or someone. Although, she isn’t the main concern, my guess is her intentions will be made clear soon. 

So Lena uses the information from her mother to bargain with the district attorney into dropping the Guardian case. Very hardcore. Later in this season, we’ll be seeing Lex in person and most likely to sway Lena to the dark side. 

James is well James. He’s taking everything slowly and doesn’t even seem concerned with the indictment against him which gets dropped but under the condition he doesn’t go undercover as Guardian again. I’m betting that’s not going to happen. 

Kara meets her new mentee, Nia Nal, who is basically season one, Kara, if not less confident in her position but she is in a position to grow as a reporter. It’s cute to the parallels to Kara and Cat as mentors. 

Kara is shaken up by the reality of her world. While she believed people were evolving, she’s come to the realization that aliens are still seen as lesser than humans and dangerous. This is only going to become clearer with the revelation of the President being an alien.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer

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