BOBA FETT Star Wars Movie Has Been Nixed by Lucasfilm

At Star Wars Celebration 2015, momentum was building on Lucasfilm announcing a solo BOBA FETT movie directed by Josh Trank. That did not happen as Trank was fired from the project and told not to attend the panel where the official announcement was reportedly taking place at the Star Wars event. This was all due to the fallout from his FANTASTIC FOUR reboot failing in the box office and his alleged issues on its set.

Fast-forward to today and Jon Favreau is creating, writing, and producing the first live action Star Wars series for Disney's 2019 streaming service. Titled, THE MANDALORIAN, this is now the main focus of both Disney and Lucasfilm as a BOBA FETT movie is not longer going to happen.

This was first reported by entertainment reporter Erick Weber:

Then, it was corroborated and confirmed by Deadline, who wrote:

"We’ve confirmed reports that Disney/Lucasfilm is no longer moving forward with a Boba Fett movie for the time being, instead zeroing on the upcoming Jon Favreau-executive produced Star Wars series The Mandalorian, which the studio is prepping for its upcoming streaming service."

This is sad news for the Boba Fett fans out there, however, there is something very intriguing about exploring new areas and characters of the vast Star Wars universe as Favreau is doing in THE MANDALORIAN.