Some Beautiful AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Concept Art Has Been Released

It's already been a few months since AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR released in theaters and became only the fourth film in history to amass over $2 billion in the worldwide box office. Usually it takes about a week or two after a Marvel Studios' film hits theaters that its 'Art of the Movie' book is released, too. This has not been the case with Infinity War as its art book has a later release date set for this fall on November 6 (per Amazon).

As the owner of every one of Marvel Studios' art books, I have to assume there is something spoiler-y referencing the official title of AVENGERS 4 in this book and the studio is waiting to release the book until after that title announcement.

Anyway, the first pieces of concept art from AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR have been released by artist Pete Thompson, who uploaded a bunch of beautiful concept art pieces to his website. I have downloaded them and you can see half of them below and the other half can bee seen over on his site by clicking the link provided after these selected pieces of artwork.

To see the rest of Thompson's concept art on his website, click here.

Written by Daniel Wolf, Founder & Publisher

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