SDCC 2018: Marvel's CLOAK & DAGGER Panel Recap

Jeph Loeb's insistence on being the public face of Marvel TV is somewhat admirable even if it often comes across as a Dad who's trying just a little too hard. For instance, in beginning this year's Ballroom 20 panel for the latest feather in Marvel TV's cap CLOAK & DAGGER, Loeb insisted their were only two genders, Cloak fans and Dagger fans. Exactly what he meant by this I have no idea. Perhaps it's something he heard and was trying to employ to sound “woke” even if it did come off as hilariously tone-death? Anyway, he was soon joined by Aubrey Joseph (Cloak/Tyrone), Olivia Holt (Dagger/Tandy), Emma Lahana (Detective O'Reilly), Ally Maki (Mina Hess) and showrunner Joe Pokaski.

During the panel Pokaski received a text which he showed Loeb in a cute if somewhat obviously staged reveal that CLOAK & DAGGER had been renewed for a second season. Coming spring 2019, this sort of announcement seems par for the course with Marvel shows as the hype of the show fuels the decision to give it another season, whilst the hype over the very fact there will indeed be another season feeds into the show's finale, where as of right now CLOAK & DAGGER only has two more episodes in its freshman season to go. Shortly after the announcement, Marvel's official social media accounts posted the below poster along with the news... almost if they had the whole thing planned in advance. I'm not bashing it, just sort of rolling my eyes, whilst still appreciating the effort put into to “surprising” us like this. 

It seems Season 2 will carry on O'Reilly's arc in a major way as her comic book counterpart is a powered woman known as Mayhem. Exactly what's going to happen to the Detective before the end of this season is yet to be seen, adding a sense of trepidation as to the character's fate. To this, I take my hat off to the showrunners. 

It was revealed during the panel that Aubrey and Olivia weren't cast as Tyrone and Tandy until the weekend before they were due to start shooting on the Monday, as it wasn't until the pair had a “chemistry read” that the showrunners realised they had the right pair to play the eponymous heroes. 

Aubrey spoke to the importance the setting of New Orleans for CLOAK & DAGGER, touching on the resilience of its people and how that needed to be reflected in Tyrone and Tandy. Olivia also noted her gratitude for working on a show with such brilliant and importantly supportive women on screen, in reference to her co-stars Emma and Ally and the role they play in Tandy and Ty's story. 

It was also noted, if it in fact ever needed to be, that CLOAK & DAGGER along with pretty much all Marvel TV shows took place before Thanos's snap from AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR. With future stories likely taking place after AVENGERS 4 rights those wrongs, Loeb essentially confirmed that The Snap will have no effect on the TV show side of the MCU, which is a huge shame because it could have lead to some amazing stories, if only for a few episodes. He did say there were easter eggs, but at this point even long time MCU fan have to accept that the Movies and TV side are simply never going to be as connected as we want. 

With very clear nods between Cloak & Dagger and Luke Cage by way of the transferring Detective O'Reilly, the crossover people were most clambering for was the one direct from the comics, CLOAK & DAGGER and RUNAWAYS. When asked about the possibility of the YA heroes meeting Jeph Loeb simply responded “Wait and see.” Staying diplomatic, or playing coy? You decide.

Written by Nick Whitney