SDCC 2018: LEGION Panel Recap

The cast of FX’s LEGION came together at San Diego Comic-Con International to discuss the mind-blowing finale and the next season that will be airing in 2019. 

LEGION is based on the character of the same name from Marvel’s X-Men comic books. The show’s cast including Dan Stevens, Rachel Keller, Aubrey Plaza, Bill Irwin, Jeremie Harris, Jean Smart, and Navid Negahban came together to talk about the show. 

Not much was discovered about Season 3 during the panel because they didn’t have any information. When asked if he could reveal anything at all about Season 3, writer and producer Nathaniel Halpern gave a stern “no.” Stevens, who stars as David Haller joked, “This is how I get intel on LEGION - is coming to Comic-Con and listening to the panel.” 

Stevens talked about his new role as the villain of the show and revealed he is excited to play yet another side of David’s complex personality. Stevens is sure Plaza, who plays David’s friend Lenny, will have a significant role in David’s villainous side. With David now the villain, his former girlfriend Sydney may have a chance to shine. 

“The best heroes are the ones who are taken by surprise, and she’s certainly caught up in something that has a necessity for which calls upon all of her strengths,” said Keller. 

Another interesting thing learned was how LEGION may connect to other Marvel properties. Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb said red tape makes it difficult to connect with well- known characters like the X-Men. While this may be disappointing for some fans, it leaves the creators of the show a massive opportunity for freedom and creativity with the characters they have access to. 

“At the end of the day we just try to make sure that certain things we look for in a show, it’s aspirational, the hero is someone we can follow and understand and have great love for and each one of these people in their own way is their own hero and their own villain,” said Loeb. 

Loeb talked about how they don’t focus on putting Easter Eggs in the show because they want to keep the show separate from other characters so they can focus on telling the right story. Personally, I think this is for the better. LEGION is such a unique and fantastic show unlike anything on TV right now. I want the creators of the show to continue to have as much freedom as possible because what they are doing now is spectacular. 

Although there may not be many Easter Eggs, the comics still influence the show in some ways. While discussing David’s new role in Season 3, Steven said, “If you know the comics at all, you know there’s potential for this guy you have sympathy for the turn into one of the greatest villains in the universe.” 

Speaking of great villains, the Shadow King, played by Negahban, is now tasked with defeating David before he destroys the world. This is certainly a change of character and will surely bring conflict moving forward as the Shadow King is now on the good side. 

“I have never played a villain in my life. I think every villain looks at himself as the hero,” Negahban said. 

LEGION Season 3 will certainly be a fresh and exciting change for the show that is known for its puzzling storyline and visual storytelling. Now that the heroes and villains have switched sides, I’m excited to see what the cast has to bring to the table in 2019.

Written by James Philbrick