Official AQUAMAN Movie Poster and Some Interesting Set Visit Details

Warner Bros. has officially revealed a new movie poster for AQUAMAN. Makes sense seeing as how this is San Diego Comic-Con International week and the first trailer for the movie is coming this weekend on Saturday.

Last summer the website Collider took a trip to Australia for a set visit and here's several bullet points of interesting information about the James wan directed and Jason Momoa starring DC superhero movie...
  • Aquaman takes place after the events of Justice League and is a stand-alone movie.
  • Two thirds of the movie takes place underwater.
  • James Wan wanted to make a superhero movie with a character no one has seen before. He was offered any DC character and specifically wanted to make Aquaman.
  • When Warner Bros. and DC gave Wan Aquaman, he said he was only interested in doing it if he could make it the way he wanted to make it and that it needed to be a departure from what DC had done before. He envisioned Aquaman as a Raiders of the Lost Ark and Romancing the Stone type movie where you would have great characters, real jeopardy, and great elements of comedy between Arthur and Mera.
  • Mera (Amber Heard) has the power of hydrokinesis – which means she can control water. This power will come in handy at many points in the film. Her father is the Xebellian king.
  • Producer Peter Safran says that while Orm (Aquaman’s brother played by Patrick Wilson) is the primary antagonist, Black Manta is a very strong secondary antagonist.
  • Producer Peter Safran revealed that Wan will get to use his horror sensibilities in Aquaman. He told us the trench sequence, “Is his homage to Creature From The Black Lagoon type scary movies and that whole sequence is classic James Wan from the way characters are revealed. The way the creatures are revealed. To the actual action that goes into that entire sequence. And that’ll be a signature James Wan scary sequence.”
  • The term Unite the Seven, that’s what it is about for Orm, who is the King of Atlantis and half-brother to Aquaman. He wants to become “Ocean Master” and unite the seven kingdoms.
  • The Trench people don’t have eyes and live in the Marianas Trench somewhere out in the middle of the Atlantic at about 8,000 feet below the water. At that level, it starts to hurt the Atlanteans to swim that deep. They don’t like it. Also, the Trench people only come out at night. They’re like the mole people of the sea.
  • Wan is known for doing some very cool camera moves and long shots in his previous films. While he was guarded about what he was going to do in Aquaman, he did say, “I love my cool takes. I love my long takes and so I definitely … I have moments that I’m designing that tells a story. I like to interweave my action. If I have an action set piece happening over here and I have somebody else kind of going on over here, I like to sort of weave it in and out with my camera work. And so that all that stuff, I’m passionate about in my filmmaking that you guys probably see in my horror films, like Conjuring and Saw. I’m bringing that flavor to this as well.”
  • Regarding how Aquaman has his powers, Wan revealed he wanted to make sure they weren’t making another character like Superman. He said from a story standpoint, there’s a reason why Aquaman is so powerful and that’s because Atlantian’s bodies are built to withstand the pressure of living so deep in the ocean. So when they come up to the surface, their bodies are naturally stronger. However, while bullets will bounce off Superman, Wan told us, “bullets can maybe break their skin and break their flesh, but it doesn’t necessarily penetrate ’cause their muscle mass and their body mass is much more dense.” He went on to say while “surface war weapons may have a hard time taking him down, Atlantian technology can cripple him for sure.”
  • By the end of the movie, he will become the Aquaman we all know from the comics and he’ll probably be wearing the orange and green classic costume from the comics…
To read more bullet points of interesting info on AQUAMAN over on Collider, click right here.

AQUAMAN releases in the U.S. on December 21.

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