SDCC 2017: AQUAMAN Footage Description

San Diego, Cali. -- Warner Bros. brought actor Jason Momoa from Australia to stop filming and share some footage from AQUAMAN with the San Diego Comic-Con crowd. Here is io9's synopsis of what was seen:

"A couple men are fishing on a boat, as the French song 'La Mer' plays. It’s a very serene scene, until they catch something—which stars pulling away so fast it actually starts dragging the oat into the water. But finally, the fisherman’s pole gets pulled away. 
"The fishermen look underwater and see a giant ship. The camera cuts up, where there are more ships, and then cuts up again, and where of course there are even more ships. As a weird creature with three fins swims by, the camera dives underwater to show an entire undersea armanda of ships below the surface, along with people riding fish and what looks like an underwater seaport (although it looks a lot like a traditional scifi spaceport). 
"Cut to Aquaman, who appears to be standing on a broken boat on the bottom of the sea. 'You don’t want to talk about this, do you?' He asks someone off-screen. When he gets no response, he twirls his sword, and admits, 'Neither do I.'"

Not much revealed here because they just began filming the movie in May.

AQUAMAN releases in the U.S. on December 21, 2018.

Written by Ashley L., Convention Writer

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