DEADPOOL, X-MEN, and FANTASTIC FOUR One Step Closer to Marvel Studios as Fox Shareholders Approve Disney Deal

Today, via Deadline, 99-percent of Fox shareholders made it one step closer to the Disney deal becoming officially official as they approved Disney's acquisition of all of Fox's movie and TV assets, plus more. This includes the Marvel characters all-things Deadpool, all-things X-Men, and all-things Fantastic Four being under the care of Marvel Studios.

How soon the integration of the X-Men and Fantastic Four into the Marvel Cinematic Universe will happen remains to be seen. Also, it is likely Deadpool will stick in his own R-rated universe as Disney CEO Bob Iger said he wants to maintain the Deadpool franchise as-is late last year when news of the Disney-Fox deal first broke.

This deal is not finished and it is expected to finalize in early 2019 after all the paperwork and legalese is complete and the ink is dry on the dotted line(s).

So don't expect the X-Men or Fantastic Four to be showing up in the MCU until the post- AVENGERS 4 era in 2020, or maybe 2021, at the earliest.