INCREDIBLES 2 Review: Baby Jack-Jack is a Superstar and More

***This is a SPOILER-FREE review.***

It's taken 14 years to get the sequel I've wanted for a very long time and last night when I was leaving my press screening for INCREDIBLES 2 I could not have been happier or had a bigger smile on my face. The sequel is so much fun even though it is pretty much a copy-pasted version of the original's story, albeit flipped as it is Elastigirl's time for the spotlight and fighting crime.

However, this does not take away from Mr. Incredible's important role in the home with the kids. Parenting Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack are just as important as fighting the bad guys although Mr. Incredible loses a lot of sleep over his home duties which leads him (hilariously) into madness, briefly.

Speaking of parenting, I do not have a single parenting gene or instinct in my body therefore I do not have children. Because of this, when a baby is brought into the forefront of a movie (or show) it loses me because I cannot relate. I know this is a personal thing on my end, but it happens often in entertainment. I am telling you this because for the first time ever I have fallen in love with a baby.

Baby Jack-Jack is a superstar.

In my opinion, he is the star of this movie more than any other character. More than Elastigirl, more than Mr. Incredible, more than Violet (who herself has a great little story arc) and more than Dash. Jack-Jack is a budding star in the animated movie world and it has everything to do with how damn adorable he is in every scene he is a part of. By the way, his scenes with Edna are absolutely fantastic, too.

Sure, it is also due to his amazing power set — of which you will have to see for yourself in the theater — and the debauchery that goes along with it. But at the end of the sequel I can't help but want more of the little guy. Maybe Disney and Pixar decide to make another sequel with an older Jack-Jack, or maybe he can get his own series of shorts (a la Mickey's new animated shorts) still as a baby, or perhaps none of this happens because it all depends on box office performance and writer / director Brad Bird's willingness to make another movie.

There's a lot of variables — and regarding it's box office performance it should have legs throughout the summer movie season as kids and families will see this movie (maybe once, maybe even twice) at some point in the next few weeks even with JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM hitting theaters next weekend. In the end, I think everyone is going to be talking about Jack-Jack and that word-of-mouth buzz could/should propel the hype for this movie... and then some for many weeks.

Bottom line, if you loved THE INCREDIBLES then you will also love INCREDIBLES 2 and it is so worthy of the 14 year wait to see this family on the big screen once again.

Written by Daniel Wolf, Founder & Publisher

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