SUPERGIRL Season 3 Episode 17 Review: Trinity

The Worldkillers are finally united and they take off. Presumably to start planning something evil. Lena is brought into the DEO to be interrogated on why she kept Reign hidden for so long. The only good thing to come of it, is that they find out they can contain Reign with Kryptonite. Lena is officially in the dog house. 

We see that the Worldkillers are together and trying to get their alter egos to give up completely. Grace (Pestilence) gives up without a fight while Julia (Purity) and Sam (Reign) are still alive in the dark valley avoiding the kills they made. 

While Lena speaks with Supergirl, claiming she has no more Kryptonite, an eclipse happens. This weakens Supergirl and she passes out. In her unconscious state she sees Sam and Julia in the dark valley. 

When she wakes, Supergirl is still weak by the partial eclipse that they realize is because of the Worldkillers. They decide the best way to find the Worldkillers before the sun is completely covered by the eclipse is to get Brainy to send Kara into the dark valley in a similar way that he got into her head when she was in a coma. Yeah, Kara actually had a smarter idea than Brainy. 

Kara does not trust Lena much after she kept Reign from them but she does agree to let her and Alex come with her. Brainy tells her that bringing two more people in her mind with her will only make her weaker. She goes along with it anyways and makes Mon-El promise to pull them out but leave her in if he has to. 

Julia and Sam are both struggling to keep their memories about their lives in the dark valley. Lena, Alex and Supergirl are still search for them as well. While Supergirl and Lena are still snippy with each other over the hidden Kryptonite, Alex sees a creepy dementor like creature. Apparently it's some Kryptonian demon. That's awesome. Just what they needed. 

They evade it and find Julia and Sam on the edge of sanity. They've written what they could remember about their lives with rocks on the trees. The other find them and get through to Sam so mthey can find out where the Worldkillers are. Sam switches places with Reign and is able to activate one of the Kryptonian Crystals and they get her location. Sam, Alex and Supergirl are able to escape just in time. With the team in the ship already at their location, they attack the Worldkillers. 

They are evenly matched until the eclipse is complete and Supergirl completely loses her powers. At the edge of their demise, they're rescued by Julia rising up out of Purity and stabbing the others. Pestilence stabs her but Julia still kills her with her crazy screams. Unfortunately, Julia still dies. 

The team hurries to escape as the fortress crumbles. Reign escapes but the other two Worldkillers are dead which is a big win for the team and not bad for a day's work. Reign is still out there and now has a new mission; to kill Ruby. 

It may be the end of the Legion’s visit as their mission is complete because Pestilence is dead. Mon-E may be the only one having a hard time of leaving the past. 

With Winn giving Alex a new upgrade to her suit (which she looked the happiest she's ever looked), I'm looking forward to seeing the new tech he gave her. 

Kara asked James to go as Guardian to see if there really isn't any Kryptonite left at L-Corp. Well, you know you screwed up when Kara doesn't trust you. The guardian along with Winn’s help finds the vault but lies and tells him he saw that she has no more Kryptonite left instead of actually checking. 

Stupid stupid James decides to be all honest and tell Lena what he did and that he is Guardian. Stupid. This results in Lena deciding to hop on the truth train and tell James the Kryptonite wasn't Lex’s. She learned how to make it. What reason would she have for making it if not using it against Supergirl or Superman? Reign, yes, maybe, but she lied about it to Supergirl. I think it's official. She's going down the Luthor route. Guess who became possibly enemy No. 2?

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer

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