SUPERGIRL Season 3 Episode 16 Review: Of Two Minds

The team is dealing with the falling dead birds. Mon-El and Imra tell them that this is just the beginning of Pestilence turning into Blight and next it will be humans and just as fatal. Thankfully, Imra and Mon-El have the antidote encoded in their DNA. Imra and Kara have a difference of opinion on how to handle the Worldkiller. Meaning Supergirl wants to take the peaceful route while Imra’s all about killing her before she kills them. 

Imra and Mon-El are helping with the antidote as people begin to fall ill. Meanwhile, Supergirl, Winn, Alex and Hank go to the City Hall to see who's sick. It seems to be anyone with a scratch on their hand. Alex and Winn speak with a doctor there m(who seems kinda suspicious) and agrees they can move them when they make up the antidote. 

Even though they try not to cause any panic, a forcefield goes up around around the building courtesy of Imra. She is getting more irritating by the moment. Supergirl makes her take down the forcefield and leave. 

Speaking of Worldkillers, Lena is still trying to find a way to help Samantha. But to locate what enzyme changes her into Reign, she needs to study Reign. 

While Samantha is unconscious, she is transported to a dark valley where Reign tells her someone is coming from them. When awakened, Lena tells her she believes it is a parallel dimension. 

Back at the DEO, Supergirl and the others are working on scouring security footage of City Hall for suspects. When Winn finds a possible suspect, Supergirl takes off. But when she arrives at her apartment, the girl is dead with a scratch on her hand and Imra standing over her. 

Apparently Brainiac gave her the data and she decided to come catch her, herself. Another dumbass move. Unfortunately, another person begins to show symptoms, Winn. Winn gets a healthy dose of the antidote and they wait for it to work. 

Imra and Kara still butt heads on the right thing to do. It doesn't help that Mon-El also agrees that the best way to handle Pestilence is to try and reach her. 

Winn’s symptoms worsen and to make matters worse, Alex also falls ill. The antidote isn't working since it was based off The Blight and Pestilence has not yet become the Blight so they'll need to find Pestilence and use her DNA to create another cure.Winn is getting unusually gloomy and resigned at his death but James is by his side to encourage him to keep fighting. 

They finally figure out that the doctor, Grace Park, is Pestilence and spoke with both Alex and Winn. Supergirl and Mon-El take off to confront her at an insurance building. 

Imra arrives as Supergirl tries to convince Grace that she's a doctor and she doesn't have to do this. However, unlike Julia, Grace likes being a Worldkiller. She fights off against the three. She does scratch Supergirl, infecting her with the virus, but is nearly defeated by Imra who stabs Grace. Grace is dying, slowly but surely, when Purity (aka Julia) arrives and they escape. Well that didn't help anyone. The only upside to this fight was that they got some of Pestilence’s DNA which cures Winn, Alex and Kara. 

After several attempts at trying to find the enzyme, Lena and Samantha are still unsuccessful. They are still holed up in L-Corp. Bad news is coming their way as Winn finds out that Pestilence and Purity are en route to there. 

Supergirl arrives with Hank, Mon-El and Imra to protect Lena. Supergirl is stunned to see Samantha locked up. Before she could question the experiments, Purity and Pestilence bust her out and she turns into Reign. They take off before the others could even process what happened. 

We know more of why Imra is dead set on killing Pestilence. The Blight killed her sister, Preya, and she wants to stop it from every happening to save her. 

Needless to say, Kara is going to be more than a little ticked off at Lena for hiding what was going on with Samantha for days. All three Worldkillers being together can only bring more death and destruction.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer

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