DEADPOOL 2 Review: A Sequel That is Funny AF and Will Bring Tears of Laughter to All

This is a spoiler-free review. Please read on.

The franchise that former Fox executive Tom Rothman, who is now the current Sony Pictures chairman, never wanted to green light has a sequel. This comes after DEADPOOL made over $783 million worldwide on a $58 million production budget. (Suck it, Rothman.)

DEADPOOL 2 has set it sights on releasing to huge numbers as it is currently projecting upwards of a $150 million domestic opening weekend. And after seeing it last Thursday it should hit that mark no problem.

In fact, DEADPOOL 2 should have some longterm success catering to the R-rated crowd and it should have a solid word-of-mouth surge after its opening weekend by those who see it telling friends, family, and co-workers how fucking funny it is. Not to mention how many will go back to the theater to see this a second time in order to catch all the jokes that are missed since you'll probably still be laughing at a previous joke. And please do a big favor and don't spoil it for those who have yet to see it because the laughs are so good it would be disappointing to ruin any of the funny for anyone.

The laughs are twice as hard as in the original. At several instances I felt tears falling down my face because I was laughing so hard. In order to not give anything away, I will tease that the first action sequence for Deadpool's X-Force team-up is probably one of the funniest moments ever seen in any super hero movie. A huge claim, I know, and when you see it... I hope you agree.

Now let me dig (vaguely) into story teases of this sequel. The first film was a true origin story and this time around none of that is needed so Deadpool is already a badass mofo and we start with a montage of what he's been doing since the last film. However, things get a little murky as an event changes everything for him. This does not have to do with Cable, but when he does show up the story goes from what you think is going to happen to something different. A sort of a twist in a way. You're expectations about both Cable and the story will be subverted once you get to the beginning of the film's third Act.

Now, let me get to the elephant in the room. Across message boards, forums, Reddit, and in comments sections online, many Marvel fans are not a fan of the look of actress Zazie Beetz's Domino. Most say they don't care how it is a black female playing the role, but they are still butthurt she doesn't look more like the albino/pale version of the character as in the comics (ugh).

I, personally, never cared about the change as I enjoy seeing movies adapt the look of comic book characters (from time-to-time) and this is one of those times. Plus, Beetz is so damn good as Domino it should end most complaints about her on-screen look. She's sassy, confident, and always in control due to her mutant ability of being lucky as well as being able to go toe-to-toe physically. If anyone still has an issue with her look after seeing her wonderful performance, then you probably have some deeper issue and you may want to seek therapy.

Regarding Cable, actor Josh Brolin is magnificent. The spotlight is definitely focused on Deadpool, since this is his movie, but Cable is going to take some of that spotlight moving forward as he is officially a bankable badass movie character. Marvel Comics readers have been a fan of Cable for a very long time and Brolin's performance will not only cement his old fandom, but gain the mutant many new fans once they see him in this movie. Visually, Cable is a vision to behold as all the best parts of his comic book counterpart are taking and realized on the big screen, with a couple of jabs against his look courtesy of Deadpool (of course).

Next up, I was to briefly touch on the topic of Deadpool's X-Force team-up. It's fantastic. As I said earlier in this review, it is one of the funniest moments I've ever seen in any super hero movie. Oh... and of course Peter steals every one of the scenes he's in. Plus, there's one member of this X-Force team-up who has yet to be revealed and it had me in tears whenever they showed him. And by tears I'm not referring to tears of joy, I'm talking about more laughter tears. It's a cameo reveal that is so quick you really need to pay attention to see which actor has his big cameo... for laughs.

Overall, DEADPOOL 2 is a very satisfying sequel. Often sequels fall a little flat when compared to their predecessor. This may be due to being over-hyped with very high expectations, yet this is not true with DEADPOOL 2. It has more laughs, better action, several surprises, and I went in with reasonably high expectations and left very happy and ready to see it again in the theater to catch all the jokes I missed because I was still laughing at a previous one. The future is very bright for writer and director Drew Goddard's R-rated X-FORCE movie as it will be the next appearance of Deadpool, Cable, and Domino.

One final thing... make sure you stay for the two end credits scenes. The second one is so great if you missed it it would be a tragedy because it is all about fan service in the best possible Deadpool way of doing things. So do your best to stay away from spoilers online prior to seeing it because the shock value of the credits scenes, and all the jokes and surprises in DEADPOOL 2, are worth experiencing without any prior knowledge of it.

Written by Daniel Wolf, Founder & Publisher

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