ABC Officially Cancels Marvel's INHUMANS

Last fall's INHUMANS was really bad television for any Marvel TV production. So bad that ABC officially pulled the plug on it, per TV Line.

Originally announced as a major motion picture by Marvel Studios as part of their Phase 3 slate of films in October 2014, then pulled off the movie schedule in April 2016, INHUMANS reverted over to Marvel TV. It became a test subject by trying to put together a series that could generate enough hype and box office cash to fill IMAX theaters for two weeks prior to debuting on ABC. While it generated $2.8 million worldwide in theaters, that was pretty much the high point for this show and it was all downhill from the start.

The show gathered up an average of 2.65 million viewers and a 0.6 rating, which was no where close to being good enough from a business numbers perspective. Thus, INHUMANS no more.