AGENTS OF SHIELD Season 5 Episode 6 Review: Fun & Games

Now that we’ve caught Fitz up on everything that’s happened, it was time to move forward with the future timeline story. I’m still not sure what the purpose of it all is, where it’s all going, and what role it has to play in the larger season storyline. So far all we’ve done is see how awful the Kree are and watch a bunch of people get captured, then rescued. 

Capture and then rescue is basically the theme of this week’s episode. It began with a kid, someone we saw very briefly in the season before. The Kree had taken him and several other kids to turn into Inhumans. They wanted more fodder for the auction. Naturally, of all the kids chosen, only the one who we knew from before turned into an Inhuman. 

Now, I thought that no matter what, you always got encased in the shell, and then you either died, or became an Inhuman. Yet the other four kids lived and acted like nothing had happened to them. It was an odd continuity error. 

Before the kid could be sold off though, Yo-yo whisked him away. She basically spent the entire storyline trying to give him a crash course in being an Inhuman. We even got a little origin story. It was nice to see Yo-yo take the kid under her wing. I only wish the storyline had resulted in more movement. 

The only thing to come from this storyline is that Gril is dead, and so is Tess. I was sad to see Tess go, as she was the only new character to get so little screen time. As it is, we haven’t seen Deke in a while either. What is the point of all these new characters if they’re hardly ever going to be present? I can’t imagine any of the survivors will be coming back to the present day with the team either. 

The real meat of the episode came from Fitz’s storyline. It was a great deal of fun watching him play the part of the Marauder. It just goes to show that maybe there’s more of Framework Fitz in regular Fitz than we think. There almost looked to be a bit of a bonding experience between him and Casius as they talked about their fathers. 

Naturally, we would learn that Casius was more or less exiled by his family to run this prison rock. Casius is the epitome of the sniveling rich baby and the idea that he’s trying to win back his father’s affection fits entirely within that. While it might seem like a stereotypical storyline, at least the writers have gone the extra mile to give him a backstory and flesh him out. 

The episode also had two really good action scenes. The first fight scene between May and Ben was awesome. Even if his mind reading powers, she put up an amazing fight and probably would have won if Fitz hadn’t gotten involved. The injured leg hasn’t done much to stop her, that’s for sure. I’m guessing that Fitz’s alien friend will be picking her up from the surface and taking her to his ship. 

The second fight between Daisy and Sinora was also well done. Especially as it led to that group enacting their plan. I thought that Simmons killed Casius for real. I was surprised that he was still alive after getting his throat cut. It was with a butter knife though so who knows. At the very least it looks like things are finally coming to a head. People are on the run, which means that the plan to get back to the past has to begin right?

Written by Peter Freeman, AGENTS OF SHIELD Beat Writer

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