GOTHAM Season 4 Episode 6 Review: Hog Day Afternoon

Lee looks uncomfortable in the underground fighting ring environment. I guess mastering her contour wasn’t enough to fit in. It all comes back to the question: what is Lee doing here? There must be a reason she chose to come back to Gotham, and I doubt that reason was to help heal the criminals. However, her job is probably going to get a lot easier, considering all she has to do is patch up Grundy, who doesn’t have a heartbeat and bleeds swamp water. He straight up kills the rest of his opponents. 

Lee steps out for a moment, and Nygma spots her helping all the homeless and poor of Gotham with their medical problems. That explains what she is doing here, but that still doesn’t explain why she came back to Gotham in the first place. Nygma sees this, understands that it is her weak point, but has no idea how to exploit it. He can’t even come up with a threat. 

Nevertheless, Nygma may have lost his brains, but his determination is still intact. He spends the entire episode trying to convince Lee to fix his brain. I’m surprised he would trust his brain to a woman who so clearly hates him. Personally, I would need the upmost trust in someone to let them experiment on my brain, but that’s just me. I suppose Nygma thinks it can’t get any worse than it already is. 

In the end, it wasn’t Nygma’s pestering that convinced Lee. She just ran out of medication, and needed to restock for all the people she helps. Though, accepting Nygma’s offer also turns into her telling her life story to Nygma. Apparently, she couldn’t stay away from Gotham because of the Tetch virus; he felt like it was all her fault, and she had to make it right somehow. She really didn’t have any reason to tell Nygma any of this, but I suppose there’s nothing he can do with the information right now considering the state that his brain is in. 

Meanwhile, Penguin is overwhelmed by having a friend again. He is as obsessive and distrustful as ever. Sophia cancels their lunch date (emphasis on date), and Penguin does what he does best: get all stalker- y. He finds out that she is busy having lunch with the major and buying an old hotel, and Penguin believes that she is building a fortress against him. Now, Penguin is going to do the other thing he is best at: killing people. 

But, she surprises him. Instead of fortress, she built an orphanage. He probably won’t question her intentions after this, and she has him in the palm of her hand for her plan. What’s her plan? We still don’t know, and neither does Gordon, but he doesn’t have the time to get involved anymore. He’s busy chasing down a man in the worst Halloween costume I have ever seen. 

Professor Pyg is here and he is wreaking havoc. He’s killing all the cops on Penguin’s payroll and placing a pig head on them. I wonder if he was into pigs before this, or if the chance to make a joke about cops being pigs was enough to convince him. To spend time cutting off pig heads and dressing them up with mascara and lipstick, I think you would have to like pigs to a certain extent. 

To investigate these murders, Gordon and Harvey are acting like partners again. It’s been awhile since we had the chance to enjoy this. Harvey thinks it may be another one of the cops. Someone who got sick of all the corruption in the GCPD. Certainly sounds a lot like Gordon, doesn’t it? 

Turns out Pyg is a big fan of Gordon. After all, they have the same goal. He is planning to kill every swine under Penguin’s payroll because he has suffered “profound loss” from the people in the power. We never find out what that profound loss is, but I was more distracted by the way that Professor Pyg carried himself. He was far more flamboyant than I was expecting him to be. To be fair, I don’t know any other pig enthusiasts for comparison. Maybe that is how all of them act. 

Harvey interrupts their conversation and starts shouting for help. Gordon literally throws himself off the second floor in order to save Harvey, and that wasn’t even enough. Harvey still got his throat slit. And I’m sure Gordon’s joints must be messed up after that fall. I once fractured my foot from walking in flip flops; there’s no way Gordon is perfectly fine after that fall. 

Of course, Gordon is at peak health, and Harvey is alive. Professor Pyg didn’t mean to kill him, probably because he was out of pig heads. He did mean to harm Harvey though, because Harvey is just as bad as everyone else. He has been taking money from Penguin since the license stuff started. Gordon wants him to stop immediately. I don’t think he realizes what a good thing it might be to have someone on the inside of Penguin’s operations. 

There was no Bruce is this episode, but it seems like he is going to get some action next time. Finally moving on from Selina. Selina is nowhere to be seen in the previews, but she neither is Barbara, so all the girls are probably scheming up something together for the time being. Don’t forget, Barbara does have those magical powers to worry about. Once she comes back to the show, she will come back with a vengeance.

Written by Nicole Teeters, GOTHAM Beat Writer

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