GOTHAM Season 4 Episode 5 Review: The Blade's Path

Here is why this season is called 'A Dark Knight.' Bruce is still consumed with guilt, and after being responsible for the death of the boy, he has spent day and night looking through documents trying to figure out what to do – very similar to me after I failed my accounting exam. He finds out that the knife is prophesied to be used to kill Ra’s, and Alfred urges that Bruce should not kill Ra’s, or anybody for that matter. Good to know that Alfred still draws the line somewhere with this boy.

Ra’s Al Ghul may get out of it. He’s applying for diplomatic immunity. He doesn’t even need Barbara and her lipstick/lighter gun for help (but how cool is that! Why is this the first time we ever saw that?). He still gave her supernatural powers for her efforts though, which is just a sentence I need to get used to writing when reviewing this show.

After Gordon fights with Harvey about not doing anything about it, he goes to his back-up partner in crime, Alfred. He finds him at the boy’s funeral, and decides that is the best time to talk to Alfred about Ra’s Al Ghul’s possible immunity. Unsurprisingly, Bruce’s guilt hasn’t stopped his ability to use his ears, and he overhears their entire conversation. 

As every teenager deals with their emotions, he decides he is going to kill someone, namely Ra’s Al Ghul. Bruce leaves with the knife to kill Ra’s, and Gordon and Alfred go after him. Bruce gets through the entire prison before he backs out at the last second to kill him. If you thought it was suspicious that Bruce got through the prison so easily, which you probably weren’t because this show does things like that all the time, it turns out that all the guards were working under Ra’s Al Ghul’s commands. 

Ra’s calls him out as weak, and beats him up. Most importantly, Bruce loses the knife, and is taken to what is basically a dungeon underneath the prison. Luckily, Gordon seems to know the entire layout of the place by memory, so he knows to look there as soon as they are done fighting off the guards. Alfred even kills a man, but it turns out that he wasn’t the only one. 

Ra’s begs Bruce to kill him. He believes that he is the only one who can end his suffering, and Bruce just believes it is some sort of manipulation. I feel like they could have had this conversation a few days ago instead of killing a young boy in the matter. After the pleasant conversation doesn’t work, Ra’s threatens to kill everyone he loves. It is much more effective way to get Bruce to stab him, and Ra’s basically disintegrates. 

To put it into Ra’s Al Ghul’s terms, Bruce is no longer playing the white knight. I suppose you could call him… a dark knight. 

However, he just spirals into more guilt. He betrayed himself and his parent’s memory, and he is ready to give up the vigilante thing for good. But even Alfred doesn’t even want him to give it up, and he says he will keep his equipment until he is ready to go out again. I’m sure Gordon would have loved to be there, so he could call Alfred a horrible guardian again. 

The city will do fine without Bruce for a while, considering only 86% of criminals are following Penguin’s rules. Penguin is really upset about this. Sophia walks in at the perfect time to offer him a solution, but he remains very suspicious around her. He goes to lunch with her, ready to leave at any moment with a poison tester at hand. When he tastes a dish made from his mother’s recipe, he leaves. 

Sophia is really confused by his reaction. You can clearly tell she’s not from around here, where this doesn’t even rank in the top 20 weird things that have happened in the past hour I’m sure. Sophia goes to apologize, but Penguin refuses to accept it. Penguin knows that she is buttering him up for something, but he doesn’t know what. I understand how he feels. She says she only wants to help him, and then tenderly holds his leg to warm him up. Got to love gay Penguin, otherwise that probably would have turned sexual. Remember, all it took for her and Gordon was eye contact. 

The most interesting part of the episode is Butch. Or Cyrus Gold. Or Solomon Grundy. Or whatever name he is going by now. He gets dumped in a swamp by the most stereotypical bad guys I have ever seen, and he emerges from the swamp as the Hulk. Except not because Marvel already has dibs on that character. 

While roaming the streets, he bumps into Nygma. He just failed to rob a pharmacy, which contained a pharmacist that is probably my favorite character of all time now. He panics when he sees Butch, but Butch doesn’t remember him at all. He doesn’t remember anything. All he can do is knock people out and offer hot dogs. Don’t we all wish we had a friend like that? 

Nygma is so happy that he doesn’t know who he was, but doesn’t want to help him. He needs to figure out what is wrong with his brain first. Also, even with the current state of his brain, he can see that this friendship wouldn’t be beneficial. However, Penguin’s men find Nygma and Butch beats them all up, so maybe this could be beneficial for everyone. Not to mention, Butch has a fire hand! Nygma still leaves, this dumb b... never mind, he found water. 

I’m slowly getting into their friendship the more screen time they get. Butch tells him that he is smart, and Nygma says that they were the best of friends. To get money. At an underground fighting ring. To make him smart again. 

And in the best twist of the season, we see that Lee is the doctor at the fighting ring. I’m much more interested to see her back in the show when there’s guaranteed to be an interesting back story to how she got here. I also love the dark makeup look she has going on. 

Next week seems like it will be a break from most of the main storyline, as Professor Pyg is featured.

Written by Nicole Teeters, GOTHAM Beat Writer

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