THE FLASH Movie Director Want List is Impressive But Nobody Has Signed On Yet [UPDATED]

It's been since October 2016 when Warner Bros. lost its THE FLASH director Rick Famuyiwa, who was the second person in the director chair for the speedster's solo movie. In late 2015, Seth Grahame-Smith left the movie project, first.

This past January it was confirmed writer Joby Harold was doing a Page 1 script rewrite and since then there's been no word on THE FLASH, which has been stuck in development limbo.

Until now.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the studio has its shortlist of directors set for THE FLASH and it is impressive. This list features Sam Raimi (SPIDER-MAN Trilogy), Matthew Vaughn (X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, KINGSMEN: THE SECRET SERVICE) and Robert Zemeckis (BACK TO THE FUTURE). An impressive list, no doubt, but none have signed on the dotted line as of the publishing of this post.

UPDATE 5/18/17 9:26 a.m. Eastern: According to Entertainment Weekly, Marc Webb was also on this list but he has passed on the gig. Also, passing on the director's chair is Sam Raimi.

Also, it sounds like Warner Bros. prefers Zemeckis to take the helm of THE FLASH but his immediate schedule is busy and if he were to take on directing duties then THE FLASH might not release sooner than 2020.

THE FLASH is currently without an official release date, although fans will see actor Ezra Miller in the role this fall when JUSTICE LEAGUE releases on November 17.

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