AGENTS OF SHIELD Season 4 Episode 21 Review: Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned, EH?

I expected Aida’s turn to be happen a lot faster than it did, honestly. But I give props to Fitz for being able to manipulate her long enough to get himself back into SHIELD custody. The whole thing plays like a 'Beauty and the Beast' relationship, except Belle didn’t choose the Beast this time around. It’s good to know that while Fitz retains his life and memories from the Framework, he isn’t shaped by them in the real world. 

Of course, there’s a long road ahead of him and Simmons. While it was a big step for both of them that he chose Simmons in the end, he still murdered people in cold blood and was essentially second-in-command of the Nazis. That’s no small feat, and something that will hopefully affect their relationship for some time, including the next season. 

Aside from the drama with Fitz and Simmons, a lot of this episode felt like filler. The brief appearance of Talbot felt like the writers needed to explain what he was doing during the Framework episodes. Yet again, The Russian continues to make himself the least intimidating presence in all of SHIELD’s villains. At the very least Coulson keeps making fun of him about this, treating him like a nobody. All in all this felt like another episode where we had to move the pieces into place. 

I was a bit confused about the whole plot line with Mack. First off, wasn’t he disconnected from the Framework when the power went out? If not then, how about when Fitz and Aida pulled him out of the oil rig? Are you still connected even if there’s no power? Is the Framework literally just a headset? I thought that the Framework played by Matrix rules, but now I’m not sure at all. Overall it kind of bums me out that we’re dedicating time to Yo-Yo bringing him back out of the Framework. Their relationship was interested at first but now it’s only getting in the way. 

I like the idea of Aida giving herself all the Inhuman powers. It definitely makes her a more formidable foe than the Aida we knew previously. I’m curious to see how she’ll be defeated in the end. My assumption is that it has everything to do with Ghost Rider’s return. The Darkhold is back in play, which means we’ll need someone with as much – if not more – power. Hopefully it leads to an epic conclusion, since the show has now been renewed for another season!

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