DEADPOOL 2: Josh Brolin Lands Coveted Role as Cable

From cosmic villain, as Thanos in Marvel Studios' cinematic universe, to good guy mutant as Cable in DEADPOOL 2. The Hollywood Reporter has exclusively confirmed actor Josh Brolin will be starring opposite of Ryan Reynolds as the time traveling mutant Cable, in DEADPOOL 2, on a reported 4-picture deal.

Brolin lands the role out of nowhere as his name was never on any shortlist. This comes after it was recently reported how actors Michael Shannon (MAN OF STEEL) and David Harbour (STRANGER THINGS) were the two frontrunners for the coveted role. He will join actress Zazie Beetz (ATLANTA), who will portray Domino, in the sequel.

After DEADPOOL 2, it has been confirmed both Deadpool and Cable will star and lead a "black ops" X-Men-like team in the R-rated ensemble movie X-FORCE, which is currently in the scripting phase.

DEADPOOL 2 is in pre-production and will begin shooting this summer for a 2018 release.

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