LEGION Chapter 7 Promo Reveals Who The Devil With the Yellow Eyes Is

Prior to the premiere of Chapter 6 last night, FX and Marvel announced LEGION has been renewed for Season 2! Then, after Chapter 6 aired, an alternate promo teaser for Chapter 7 finally revealed who The Devil With the Yellow Eyes really is.

SPOILER ALERT after the image below.

In the alternative promo teaser for Chapter 7, below, there is the name drop of Amahl Farouk being the parasitic monster, a.k.a. The Devil With the Yellow Eyes, who has been torturing David from within for years. If you're not familiar with this name from the Marvel comics universe, he is also known as the villain the Shadow King.

In the comics, Farouk is the physical form of the immortal dark side manifestation of consciousnesses and possession that is the Shadow King. At one point Farouk confront Charles Xavier and the direct result of that confrontation is what led Professor X to the idea of forming the X-Men. [To read more about the Shadow King on Marvel's character page, click right here.]

And here's the another version of the Chapter 7 promo teaser...

LEGION airs Wednesday nights on FX.

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