Rumor Mill Claims Marvel Studios Might be Thinking About a NAMOR Movie Soon

Warner Bros. is very close to the start of filming AQUAMAN, but Marvel Studios might be thinking about their own underwater adventure as a new rumor swirls around the idea of NAMOR: THE SUB-MARINER potentially filming in Hawaii in the near future.

But before we dig into this latest rumor, let's quickly recap some facts about past movie rights issues surrounding any possible NAMOR solo movie. Previously, the movie rights for the character were shared with Universal Studios who still hold the distribution rights for any solo INCREDIBLE HULK sequel movie. This is why Marvel Studios has not made a sequel to the last Hulk solo movie because they hold the movie rights for Hulk which allow them to use him only in other characters' movies.

It was also previously believed this was the similar issue with the full rights to Namor. That is until June 2016 when Marvel CCO Joe Quesada said all the franchise rights to NAMOR had reverted back to Marvel Studios. So if all the movie and distribution rights are back with Marvel Studios, then there is nothing holding them back from thinking about a potential NAMOR movie in Phase 4. The studio does have three release dates already set in 2020 for future Phase 4 movies.

Which brings us to today's latest rumor (h/t MCUExchange) claiming a NAMOR movie is being considered for location filming in Hawaii.

The legitimacy of ReelNewsHawaii is unknown by us here at, though they did break the news that Marvel's INHUMANS television show would shoot in Hawaii, but it would make sense for Marvel Studios to start thinking about a NAMOR movie. Yet, Warner Bros. is filming AQUAMAN in Australia so maybe they are also considering some location shoots in Hawaii but that has not been confirmed.

Stay tuned because if any of this has the tiniest bit of truth to it, then we should start hearing more in the near future.

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