WOLVERINE 3 Secretly Started Filming in New Orleans Last Week Under the Code Name 'Juarez'

It's no secret anymore as WOLVERINE 3 has already starting filming this past Monday in New Orleans under the code name 'Juarez.' This is according to the film's production designer Francois Audouy on his Instagram page.

UPDATE: Audouy's Instagram post as been removed, which means Fox has intervened and this is all truth.

A photo posted by Francois Audouy (@audouy) on

Directed by THE WOLVERINE helmer James Mangold, WOLVERINE 3 does not yet have an official title but that doesn't seem to matter to the production as the cameras have started rolling. Fox should be making some form of official announcement the film has begun principle photography and hopefully when/if this happens they will tell fans what the title actually is.

Many hints and rumors have stated WOLVERINE 3 is taken some story basis from the comic book story arc 'Old Man Logan,' and if this is indeed true then the possible title writes itself and should be 'WOLVERINE: OLD MAN LOGAN.'

WOLVERINE 3 releasing on March 3, 2017 and it is the last turn for Hugh Jackman as Logan. Sir Patrick Stewart is returning to reprise his role as Charles Xavier with actors Boyd Holbrook, Eriq Lasalle, Richard E. Grant, Stephen Merchant and Elise Neal all reportedly joining the main cast.

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