DC Comics Fanboy Extraordinaire Kevin Smith Felt Like BATMAN V. SUPERMAN Didn't Have Any Heart

This is the man who The Daily SuperHero has been waiting for to share his opinion on BATMAN V. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE. Writer and director Kevin Smith have been on the forefront of the hype train for BATMAN V. SUPERMAN due to his love of comics, discovery and friendship with actor Ben Affleck as well as his role in hosting The CW's DC Film's The Dawn of the Justice League television special back in January.

Few people have hyped this movie up as much as Smith has dating all the way back to when Affleck was cast and to him teasing how badass Affleck looked when he saw him in full Batman costume for the first time. Sadly, Smith seems to be off the hype train as he shared his opinion of the movie on his latest Hollywood Babble-On podcast.

"[Batman v Superman] I felt like didn't really have a heart. It was certainly f***ing humorless, there was nothing funny going on in that world whatsoever, but it had lots of spectacle. Like you can't take that away from Snyder. Boy, he knows how to like compose a frame and how to setup a shot. Beautiful visual stylist but you need more than just the pictures, you need like characterization and these characters seemed off character, particularly Superman."

As for his friend Affleck, Smith seemed to enjoy his performance, generally speaking, but did add this joke about the Caped Crusader's views on aliens.

"Certainly not the world's greatest detective! More like Bat-Trump."

Honestly, some of this sounds like a bit of back-peddling after being so harsh after his first viewing. Wonder if DC and/or Warner Bros. gave a certain someone a phone call after his first opinion...

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