SPIDER-MAN and Kraven Rumor Update: The Daily SuperHero Report From June 30 Corroborated Even Though it Was Discredited at First

Well, well, well what do we have here... this rumor sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Back on June 30 (see the post link at the end of this article), The Daily SuperHero reported a rumor that Kraven the Hunter was being considered as the villain in the SPIDER-MAN reboot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Today, it's been corroborated but in the weirdest way possible.

After The Daily SuperHero reported its Kraven rumor, it was immediately discredited by Heroic Hollywood's Umberto Gonzalez on Twitter.

Yes, The Daily SuperHero is "that site from Ohio" in his Twitter post. And if this tweet is deleted, here's a screenshot of it.

Now, Gonzalez has published a report about Kraven possibly being considered in the next SPIDER-MAN movie. Click here to read Heroic Hollywood's new report corroborating The Daily SuperHero's June 30 report.

While The Daily SuperHero is not in the business of trying to start anything with anyone this is just a means to reveal facts on this particular matter. And there's also a little tidbit at the end of their new Kraven rumor post which looks like it might be a 'dig' at The Daily SuperHero in the sentence highlighted in the following screenshot.

It's probably a good idea to not discredit another site's rumor report because that rumor could be heard from your own sources and then posted to your own site. By the way, Gonzalez and Heroic Hollywood have blocked The Daily SuperHero on Twitter and from making any comments on their website to apparently ignore credit where credit is due. Hence, this post presenting all these facts.

UPDATE: Confirmation that last sentence in the HH post is about The Daily SuperHero in this email screenshot that was sent by one of the HH admins.


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