BATMAN V. SUPERMAN: Flash Scoop From 2014 Corroborated, Aquaman Cameo Revealed

It's called BATMAN V. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE and it is meant to set up the JUSTICE LEAGUE movies and its heroes.

Here's your SPOILER ALERT! Read on if you dare after the image.

Getting straight to the point, published last year on June 16, 2014 one of The Daily SuperHero's insiders told me about a cameo by the Flash in BATMAN V. SUPERMAN and it involved a store robbery sequence. You can go back and read that exclusive scoop by clicking here.

Today, the website Heroic Hollywood has this same piece of Flash info in a post of their own. However, they claim the Flash is their exclusive but my scoop about the Flash cameo is a year old and has been cached into the Internet and its search engines for a long time. Regardless of this fact, I am not here to cause any tension between my site and theirs and I'll take their post as a corroboration of my original report. Which I see as being great and fantastic.

UPDATE: Heroic Hollywood has updated their post to reflect The Daily SuperHero scoop from June 2014. Thank you!

Heroic Hollywood did reveal an Aquaman cameo in BATMAN V. SUPERMAN.

"Jason Momoa's Aquaman is held prisoner in a containment chamber where we see his hand slap against the glass."

So there you have it. The Daily SuperHero's Flash exclusive scoop from a year ago has been corroborated and Aquaman's cameo has been potentially revealed.

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