Kraven the Hunter Rumored to be Considered as SPIDER-MAN Villain and a More Modernized Version

Right off the bat, I won't pretend that this is what will happen in the movie since its still being developed so chalk this up to being just a rumor right now. And I'm sure this will be the first of many villain rumors surrounding the next Spider-Man movie, too.

Exclusive: The Daily SuperHero received info last night from one of its sources regarding possible internal talks at Marvel Studios regarding the Spider-Man villain Kraven the Hunter. While the next Spider-Man movie is in the very early development stages things can and will change, but this new piece of information is too juicy to not share regardless if it becomes truth or not.

This source has told me that Kraven the Hunter is one of the new villains being talked about behind closed doors and he is being considered for the next Spider-Man movie because a.) he has not been seen in previous Spider-Man movies and b.) he has a skill-set that fits into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a great way post-Civil War. Kraven is also being considered for a modernized movie adaptation change and he might be more of a mercenary-like hunter who is tracking super heroes on a contract by a possible bigger threat employer; and because he loves the thrill of the hunt.

Also, I've been told this would fit into Peter Parker's coming-of-age story in next Spider-Man movie where he is learning to deal with being both a high school teen and a super hero. The stakes would be high with a villain like Kraven because he is more of a street-level villain as Parker's first real threat as a hero. And it was implied to me that as more Spider-Man MCU movies come out the bigger the more powerful the villain(s) will become as Parker grows into his role as a hero.

Again, take this as rumor right now because there is a lot of time for the movie to development since it doesn't start filming until early/mid-2016. But as of right now it seems like Marvel Studios might be keen on the idea of Kraven the Hunter as Spidey's solo movie villain. To read more about Kraven, click here.

UPDATE 6/30/15 10:06 a.m. ET: Potential corroboration Kraven is being considered...

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