Rumor: Fox May Already be Considering DEADPOOL 2 on June 9, 2017 Instead of FANTASTIC FOUR 2

Tomorrow (Sunday August 9) The Daily SuperHero is heading to Los Angeles a little early for Disney's D23 Expo which begins on Friday August 14. Part of the reason for this early departure is to take in some things in and around the L.A. Area while the other part is the press access into the Expo. There is also a chance there will be a meeting (or two) with a few Hollywood sources and insiders for some hopeful gossip and rumor tidbits — if schedules line up.

Even before tomorrow's L.A. arrival, one source messaged The Daily SuperHero saying how there is already some rumor buzz regarding the date Fox had originally set for FANTASTIC FOUR 2 on June 9, 2017. The insider says due to Fox's less-than-stellar weekend box office estimates for the reboot it's become a topic of discussion pretty quickly behind studio doors. A discussion rumored to be taking place is the consideration of removing FANTASTIC FOUR 2 from its June 9, 2017 release date and eventually plugging DEADPOOL 2 into that spot.

DEADPOOL is receiving a tremendous amount of buzz since its presence at San Diego Comic-Con last month and its official trailers went online this past week and Fox probably wants to capitalize on it while it's ripe for the taking. This rumor info also corroborates a report yesterday from Birth.Movies.Death citing their sources telling them Fox is excited for DEADPOOL so much they are seriously considering Cable in a hopeful sequel. Cable in DEADPOOL 2 has gained traction pretty quickly because the B.M.D report came only two days after a joke was made by director Tim Miller about Cable possibly being in DEADPOOL 2.

Fox took a big swing and missed with rebooting FANTASTIC FOUR so it makes sense for the studio to focus more on DEADPOOL. Back in mid-July actor Ryan Reynolds said he wants Cable and Deadpool in a movie together and it looks like this could happen sooner than Reynolds or anyone expected if Fox is seriously thinking about a summer 2017 release.

Nothing is confirmed and it's just a rumor being heard right now. There is plenty of time until a final decision needs to be made for that 2017 release date and that date could always go to an entirely different movie, too.

DEADPOOL releases on February 12, 2016.

UPDATE: There are some comments being made that it's virtually impossible for DEADPOOL 2 to be developed and shot in time for summer 2017. Well, it isn't known if Fox has already started early development for a sequel once DEADPOOL filming ended in April, which could be the reason for the recent Cable teases and rumors. If development has begun that leaves a lot of time to script it before it needs to start filming sometime around June 2016. But again, this is all just a rumor being heard right now since a sequel hasn't even been green lit (yet).

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