Ryan Reynolds Says He Wants DEADPOOL and CABLE in a Hopeful X-FORCE Movie

It's a topic that has been reported on and discussed more than a few times. Especially the past few months. If you remember, back in February, The Daily SuperHero reported that Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld had teased an eventual movie appearance of his other character creation Cable at Wizard World Cleveland. But he also said to be patient.

Then in June, Liefeld again spoke about being patient when it comes to Cable getting his due on the big screen. Today, another report has hit but this time with DEADPOOL star Ryan Reynolds teasing (via CB) he wants to be Deadpool in an X-FORCE movie with Cable.

"I’d also love to see X-Force develop too and turn into something pretty cool. 
"I always see Deadpool running against the grain for everything he does. He can’t possibly conform to any sort of leadership role. He always has to be the wild card. So you’d have to have someone like Cable running point on a team like X-Force. I'd love for that to be a next step that we take."

This is really the common thought with a lot of Deadpool, Cable and X-Force fans right now. DEADPOOL seems to be on track to be a big hit next year, despite it's hard R rating. When it does become a hit Deadpool fans everywhere will be screaming for more of the Merc With a Mouth. 

The currently-in-development X-FORCE movie, by Jeff Wadlow, would be a logical choice for another Deadpool appearance. Unless Fox decides to green light a DEADPOOL sequel, which also has a high probability right now based on fan reaction to the San Diego Comic-Con DEADPOOL trailer.

As of right now, patience is a virtue for fans of Deadpool, Cable and X-Force because just as Liefeld has said in the past, "Everything in its due time." And nobody is more patient than Deadpool fans because they waited years for his movie to finally get a green light.