DEADPOOL Director Tim Miller Talks COLOSSUS and Updating His Look

The best surprise appearance in the DEADPOOL trailer was made by the X-Men mutant Colossus. Director Tim Miller spoke with Empire to talk about bringing a new Colossus into Fox's X-Men movie universe in DEADPOOL.

"We were never going to be able to keep Colossus as a secret. He was in the script that leaked and all that."

Miller wasn't exactly sure if Fox would even let him use Colossus in DEADPOOL.

"I wasn't actually sure, until we were standing there shooting it, that at some point Fox was going to say, 'Hold on a second; we can’t put Colossus from our treasured X-Men franchise in this movie to be made fun of!' But they did..."

Fortunately Fox let Miller use the powerful mutant and let him change to look, too. 

"[Fox] let me change the look of him. As a fanboy I’ve always been like, 'That dude with the shiny skin is not fucking Colossus.' He should be this monstrous guy, and they actually let me make him seven-and-a-half feet tall. 

Miller was even gracious enough to call up former Colossus actor Daniel Cudmore and offer him the role.

"I did actually call Daniel Cudmore to ask him if he wanted to do this, even though he’d be entirely CG the whole time. He was very nice about it. He was like, 'I appreciate your offering, but nah.'"

DEADPOOL releases on February 12, 2016.