Wizard World Cleveland: Rob Liefeld Has Seen Concept Art of CABLE, Teases X-FORCE Movie

Back in July 2013, word first got out that 20th Century Fox was developing an X-Force movie. Shortly after, it was revealed that Kick-Ass 2 writer/director Jeff Wadlow was the man behind the development and screenplay of X-Force. For nearly two years now there hasn't been much said about X-Force.

There is one guy who is kinda sorta talking about it and that is X-Force creator Rob Liefeld. On Saturday, The Daily SuperHero saw Liefeld front and center for his panel at Wizard World Comic Con in Cleveland and he did a bit of teasing.

"Let me tell you right now that you're gonna see Cable in the next couple of years. He's in the works. I may or may not have glanced at some concept art with different actors as Cable [in 2013] and I was like, 'Hey, that guy looks pretty good!' But I won't say who those [actors] are because I'll get in trouble. 
"I've been up to Fox... and they have an X-Force script. I read the X-Force script and it made me come out of my chair with excitement."

Nice to hear that the X-Force movie is still actively in development, despite the lull in news about it, and has not been abandoned. It is also interesting to hear that Fox has commissioned out movie concept art to an artist(s). (To read more about Cable, head over to Marvel's character page by clicking here.)

This is nothing too revealing and out of the ordinary news-wise. Once a movie begins its development process, actor want lists are created and concept art is usually commissioned at some point, too. But before you think to yourself that Liefeld doesn't have much say with his Marvel creations at the studio level, it was back in November 2014 when he revealed he met with Fox to talk about the Deadpool movie after it was greenlit. He's plugged in.

One final thing that Liefeld cautioned about, at his panel, was how it took Deadpool six years from its initial screenplay to finally being released in theaters. He compared that to how it could be a similar long term development process for Cable to appear in Fox's growing X-Universe and for an X-Force movie to get greenlit.

If the Deadpool movie is a huge hit then an X-Force movie with Cable (and maybe Deadpool) could be greenlit about a year from now.

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