Scott Derrickson on Landing DOCTOR STRANGE Job: "I Wanted it Really Bad"

Not sure how this was missed back in June, especially since I'm a big Doctor Strange fan, but Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson spoke briefly to the website about landing the gig with Marvel Studios.

"I wanted it really bad. More than any other project that I've gone after, I felt compelled to do everything in my power to get on that project. Genuinely felt like I was the right guy to do it."

The horror genre expert continued and spoke about his affinity toward Doctor Strange.

"I think when you consider the work that I've done it makes sense that he'd be my favorite comic book character, at least in the Marvel universe. Probably the only comic character in that mainstream world that I'm suited to. I feel such an affinity for the character and the story and the ambition of those comics, especially the original Stan Lee and Steve Ditko 'Strange Tales' - I think those are my favorite of all of them. The entire history of the comics is extraordinary."

This is all that Derrickson has said to the media about anything Doctor Strange-related. Even when The Daily SuperHero reached out to try and speak with him, representation told me that he is currently not talking to any press or media outlets for the foreseeable future. In other words, since he's now under Marvel contract they have hidden him away at the Sanctum Sanctorum for the development process of Doctor Strange.

Right now, Doctor Strange is without an official release date but it's been rumored to be releasing in July 2016 after Captain America 3. The film is currently in development and studio president Kevin Feige has confirmed Doctor Strange will start filming sometime around spring 2015. Prometheus writer Jon Spaihts is also attached to the movie and is reportedly in the midst of some script rewrites right now.

Stay tuned because Marvel Studios should be ready to officially announce a release date for Doctor Strange — and potentially the film's leading actor — in the coming weeks.