Marvel May Have Found its DOCTOR STRANGE! Joaquin Phoenix Reportedly in Final Talks For Leading Role

It's about time there was some actual Doctor Strange news worthy of not slapping the good ol' rumor tag onto!

Marvel Studios seems to have found its actor for Doctor Strange. First rumored during the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con International, actor Joaquin Phoenix is said to be in the midst of final talks for the leading role. This breaking news comes courtesy of

"Despite rumors to the contrary, we’re hearing that Phoenix is absolutely still in line to play Doctor Strange in the Marvel adaptation, with our source telling us that his contract is essentially at the 1-yard line, about to pass into the endzone. Though some believed the length of time it’s taken for Phoenix to finalized his deal was a sign that things might have gone south, it makes sense that an actor of Phoenix’s caliber and temperament would want to ensure that his Marvel contract doesn’t restrict his creative freedom to take on other projects outside the MCU."

This is certainly a Marvel-like outside-of-the-box casting. While the Oscar nominated actor is not known for leading a big budget blockbuster film he has been due for a huge career comeback role. By the way, Robert Downey Jr. was never known for his big budget blockbuster movie roles prior to 2008's Iron Man and that has served his career comeback very well.

Now it's time for Marvel Studios to officially reveal the release date for Doctor Strange and all signs are pointing to their open July 2016 date which was already put on hold for a future Marvel film.