X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Unused SENTINEL Concept Art Looks Like a Missed Opportunity

X-Men Days of Future Past was a huge success at the box office ($744 million worldwide) and with critics (91% Certified Fresh). This is a fact. Yet some things in the film could have been a little bit better.

Specifically, I was not a fan of the Sentinels in the future timeline. They did look cool and made for some exciting moments in the film but they were completely opposite of what I expected. Luckily, concept art of the Sentinels was uploaded to the Internet, via the website MPC Concept Art, and a few of the art pieces are more along the lines of what I expected for the futuristic Sentinels. (And yeah, I do understand that these were probably created for use as the Mark I Sentinels in the 1970s timeline. )

See for yourself in the above and below images.

You can see these great pieces of concept art and so much more from X-Men Days of Future Past by clicking right here.

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