The Four Horsemen in X-MEN: APOCALYPSE Have Been Chosen and it Was an Exhaustive Process

Earlier this summer, 20th Century Fox released their second highest budgeted film (ever) when X-Men: Days of Future Past hit theaters. The latest X-Men movie was a huge hit becoming the highest grossing X-Men film (worldwide) in the franchise and one of Fox's biggest blockbusters.

Even before X-Men: Days of Future Past was in theaters, Fox announced its sequel was coming in May 2016 and they also gave it a title, X-Men: Apocalypse. Fans of X-Men could be heard screaming across the planet when the title was announced because Apocalypse is the biggest threat to the X-Men, as well as being one of their most popular villains.

Having multiple mutant powers, Apocalypse is an ageless villain who was teased in the post credits scene of Days of Future Past. He also has his Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse along his side.

Speaking with the website Latino-Review, producer Simon Kinberg spoke about the process of choosing Apocalypse's Four Horsemen. Although he did not name any names... of course.

“I will tell you this and obviously there are a lot of different versions of the Horseman [in] the books, and this will not reveal any of the identities so I apologize in advance. I will let you know that out choosing of the Horseman was something that we, Bryan [Singer] and myself took very, very seriously and did only after an exhaustive review of all the different Horseman, both in the comics and the cartoons who have at one point or another fallen under APOCALYPSE.”

Fans won't get this reveal for a long time, this much is probably certain, so there will be a tremendous amount of rumors and speculation as to which mutants will become the Four Horsemen. Many fans also agree that somehow making Hugh Jackman's Wolverine one of the Horsemen, as he was in the comics, it could be a great way to have Logan be catalyst for the X-Men to unite in order to save from Apocalypse.