Vin Diesel Thanks Fans For GROOT and Then Trolls Them by Teasing a Possible Future INHUMANS Role

Vin Diesel is such a social media tease. Before being officially announced as the voice of Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy, he teased it along with other potential Marvel character roles on his Facebook page. Heck, he was borderline trolling his own fan base as well as the Marvel fan base.

Well he's at is again.

This time Diesel thanked his (and Marvel) fans for their appreciation of his Groot voice performance in Guardians of the Galaxy and then dropped a teaser bomb on everyone... Inhumans.

Oh geez... here we go again with the Vin Diesel conspiracy theories and speculation posts. Last summer, The Daily SuperHero wrote a 'What If?' post about Diesel's potential of playing the leader of the Inhumans, Black Bolt. Click right here to read that post.

This might just be Diesel having some fun, or it could be a clue as to another future Marvel role besides voicing Groot. If this comes true, Diesel will have the weirdest character roles for an actor within the same movie universe: Only voicing one character (Groot) who says the same thing over and over again and then physically portraying another character (Black Bolt) who never speaks except to use his highly dangerous voice power.

You win Mr. Diesel... again.

Marvel Studios has been long-rumored to be developing an Inhumans movie for quite some time.

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