VENOM CARNAGE is Rumored Title of Another New SPIDER-MAN Spin-Off Movie Possibly Coming in 2017

Sony is making some headlines to start off this week. First, via Deadline, it's been reported the studio is developing a female Spider-Man spin-off movie. Now, it seems the title of the Venom spin-off movie might actually be Venom Carnage and could come in 2017. (This was also the title of a Marvel comic book run.)

With Sinister Six deep into development right now and rumored to start filming as soon as early 2015 —  for its November 11, 2016 release date — Sony had pushed back The Amazing Spider-Man 3 to 2018. In the meantime, Sony is obviously moving forward with other Spider-Man characters owned under their movie licensing deal with Marvel Entertainment. This is a unique (and logical) approach seeing as how Spider-Man is the biggest draw Sony has but at the same time they must feel comfortable bringing lesser known Spidey characters into the spotlight.

Venom is one of Spider-Man's most popular villains and, as of late, he's been adapted into being more of an anti-hero in comic book titles as Agent Venom. Carnage is Venom's symbiote offspring in the comics, and Carnage is also as evil (if not more) than Venom.

How a Venom Carnage movie will work can only be predicted as Venom being the protagonist and Carnage being the antagonist. As long as Sony can pull off this type of darker anti-hero hero movie it could be a solid concept.

If you want to read more about Carnage, click here to go to Marvel's official character page for the villain.

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