UPDATE: Sony is Developing a Female SPIDER-MAN Spin-Off Movie; Will SPIDER-WOMAN or BLACK CAT be Coming Soon?

While Marvel Studios gets bombarded with question after question of when they'll release their first female-led super hero solo movie, Sony has stepped up to the plate. Sony is reportedly developing a female-led Spider-Man spin-off movie.

Deadline is reporting:

"...[G]et ready for the power of the women from the Spider-Man universe. Which characters they will develop is up for speculation, but we know that Lisa Joy Nolan (Westworld) has been hired to script and that again Arad and Tolmach are producing. There are several strong possibilities — Silver Sable, Black Cat, Stunner, Firestarter and Spider-Woman, to name a few."

Let's speculate.

Black Cat, well technically Felicia Hardy, was last seen in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as Harry Osborn's assistant and she could be in line for her own feature movie. However, Black Cat is at her best when she's hanging with Spider-Man, so this could be a hard sell as a solo movie. Jessica Drew, also known as Spider-Woman, is the most likely answer as to which female in the Spider-Man universe could hold her own in a standalone Spider-Man spin-off film.

Sony has not commented at the time that this post was published.

UPDATE #1: Forbes writer Mark Hughes has posted to his Twitter account that Sony's female spin-off movie will be Black Cat. This is not confirmation but Hughes is well-connected since he is a part of Forbes.com.

UPDATE #2: Some have said the movie rights to Spider-Woman is actually owned by Marvel Studios but to my knowledge she is more a part of Spider-Man's universe than anything else which would fall under Sony's movie rights deal. However, since she has recently been a big influence on certain comic book Avengers teams, her movie rights may be shared between Sony and Marvel similar to how Marvel and Fox share the movie right to Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. It could be as simple as saying that Sony has Spider-Woman rights while Marvel Studios has Jessica Drew rights.