THE FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot: Actor Michael B. Jordan Talks About His "Fresh Take" on JOHNNY STORM

The Fantastic Four reboot has wrapped filming according to multiple members of the main cast. Filming was in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and it was way under-the-radar with hardly any on location set photos being posted to the Internet by fans.

One of the larger fan concerns about the reboot is the new portrayal of Johnny Storm / Human Torch by actor Michael B. Jordan. The actor spoke to about the changes coming to his character in The Fantastic Four.

"It’s been a lot of fun. Johnny Storm is such an iconic character. There’s a lot of personality traits and things to him that people are really going to look forward to seeing. Got a lot of original Johnny stuff in there and then you have – not a new take but a fresh take. We have a different take on different things as well. I could go on and on about it but I think it’s something that people will enjoy.
"It is a reboot you know, it’s its own thing. It’s its own origins story."

Jordan continued and talked about when he spoke with former Johnny Storm actor Chris Evans about the role.

"I did get a chance to talk to Chris about it, I met him at this event and he was basically like, 'Man I can’t give you anything.' He said, 'You’re great, you’re awesome. Just do your thing. And enjoy it. It’s gonna be fun.' That was just a really cool piece of information, words of encouragement from the guy who killed the role. He really did a really great job and hats off to him with how talented he is cause he’s doing an amazing job with Captain America."

The Fantastic Four reboot is set to release in theaters on June 19, 2015.

(Images are Fantastic Four parody from the Netflix series Arrested Development, and yes that's The Fantastic Four reboot director Josh Trank in the photo with actor David Cross.)