THE FANTASTIC FOUR Editorial Redactions: Twitter Account Reportedly Not Associated With Director Josh Trank

I don't do this often because I do my very best to ensure quality content on The Daily SuperHero and accuracy in all of its reports. But today I have to issue not one but two redactions on The Fantastic Four posts. The reason behind these redactions is due to the fact someone has allegedly posed as director Josh Trank on Twitter and even created an account using Trank's old handle name.

According to's Editor-in-Chief Steven Weintraub, who does an endless amount of one-on-one interviews for nearly every film that comes out in theaters each year and has a tremendous rolodex of sources and contacts in Hollywood, the Trank account is a fake. One of Weintraub's sources told him and here's his tweet regarding it:

So there you go. Don't believe tweets from this fake Trank account. Everything said by this fake Twitter account that was reported earlier today, and has been deleted from The Daily SuperHero, is fiction.

I deeply apologize to my readers for compromising The Daily SuperHero's content and brand with this unfortunate oversight and incorrect sourcing of bad information. I could have easily ignored everything and left those earlier posts on the website without deleting them, but The Daily SuperHero is not a content farm simply trying to get web traffic over maintaining its journalistic integrity.

Thank you for your continued support and for coming back to The Daily SuperHero time and time again to read only the movie updates you need to know about Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Transformers and a few other film franchises.

-Daniel Wolf