Terry Crews is Asked About His LUKE CAGE Interest (Again) and Gets the Biggest Smile When He Answers

Just a couple of days ago, actor Terry Crews revealed his "nerd credentials" regarding his interest of super heroes. Specifically, the actor talked about how Luke Cage was his Superman while growing up. Crews also restated his interest in the leading role for Marvel and Netflix's Luke Cage series.

Another day, another showing of interest. Crews has again been asked about Luke Cage and while his interest maintains from a few days ago, this seems to be the new common line of questioning with the actor. The website Digital Spy asked Crews about Luke Cage and this time the actor's face lit up as soon as they did. (See the video interview below.)

"I'm waiting for a call from Marvel and I haven't heard anything... But if I could, and it could work into the schedule and legally if it could work out — I'm booked for a while — but I'd have to say that would be something I'd be privileged and honored to do."

Fans are getting behind the idea of Crews as Cage, and Crews is genuinely excited at the prospect of the role. But is Marvel paying attention? Right now fans and Crews can only hope so.

(Screenshot of Crews lighting up with excitement the moment he is asked about Luke Cage.)

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