Marvel's LUKE CAGE: Actor Terry Crews Continues to Talk Up His Interest in the Leading Role

Whether you know him from his acting gigs with the television series Brooklyn Nine-Nine, as the President in Idiocracy, in The Expendables franchise or from his hilariously weird Old Spice commercials, actor Terry Crews has been busy in Hollywood.

With his acting services on the rise and in demand, Crews has been asked about his interest in portraying a super hero. He has often referenced the appeal of being Luke Cage; most recently with back in March 2014. Now that a Luke Cage Netflix television series has been green lit, Crews is again talking about his fascination of the role.

Speaking with IGN, Crews was once again not shy about his interest.

“I would love to do Luke Cage. I heard they finally green-lit that whole thing and I would love to do something like that. 
“I have to go back to Luke Cage just because he was our Superman... He was the man... I remember then seeing Falcon and a couple of others. Even in the DC Universe there was Cyborg. But Luke Cage was the original one where you said ‘This is me. This is my guy. This is the character.’ So he’s the equivalent to Superman for me."

There is definitely intrigue for the role of Luke Cage and Crews showed a bit of his "nerd cred" in his comments. If there is any actor who can really show the physique of this hero, also known as Power Man, it's Crews who is in better shape than most professional athletes. Marvel traditionally casts actors who have a certain charisma, look, charm and who can also be funny in many of their character roles. Crews definitely fits those attributes for Luke Cage.

Marvel and Netflix are currently filming Daredevil for its planned release on the streaming service in May 2015 with Jessica Jones rumored to be filming next. This leaves both series' for Luke Cage and Iron Fist to begin filming after Jessica Jones for a potential late 2015 or early 2016 release. All of this before the Marvel and Netflix mini-series event The Defenders, when all four heroes team-up for Marvel's street-level hero team.