STAR WARS EPISODE VII: GQ Teases New Cover and How Actor Adam Driver Looks Similar to HAN SOLO

Is it just speculation or does GQ Magazine really know a little something-something about actor Adam Driver's role in Star Wars Episode VII?

GQ wrote the headline, "Why Does Adam Driver Look So Familiar On His New GQ Cover?" 
Then followed the above image with, "Oh, right... Well, we're not saying it was on purpose, but we're just saying."

GQ is certainly stirring the pot a bit.

Sure there's somewhat of a resemblance to Han Solo, which can be made because Driver is wearing a vest on the new cover of their magazine, but it's also previously been rumored that the actor is playing a villain in the next Star Wars movie. Then, there's always the chance Driver could be playing Han's son Jacen Solo in Episode VII.

In now non-canon Star Wars stories of the past, Jacen does turn to the Dark Side of the Force and becomes the villain Darth Caedus. While the older Expanded Universe canon is no longer a part of Disney's new streamlined story canon, anything is possible right now since Disney and Lucasfilm have been quiet about all-things Episode VII.

Star Wars Episode VII releases in theaters on December 18, 2015.

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