Report: Disney Has a Huge Cohesive STAR WARS Universe Planned That Will Connect Stories Across All Media

It was only a matter of time until Disney's massive plans for Star Wars stories and canon would be revealed. The first clue of Disney's new Star Wars plan was evident a few months back when the entertainment giant announced that all Expanded Universe (EU) content was no longer a part of the official Star Wars timeline and canon.

The official timeline now only consists of the Prequel Trilogy, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars: Rebels and the Original Trilogy. All previous stories from the EU are now just related Star Wars stories. However, Lucafilm has said that EU characters could appear in future installments of Disney's Star Wars albeit adapted into different roles than that of their EU existence.

Star Wars: Rebels and Star Wars Episode VII are the first two steps in Disney's massive plans for the franchise. And it's going to be big, really big with more connective tissue than Marvel Studios' Marvel Cinematic Universe which encompasses film, television and soon on streaming with its multiple Netflix series.

It now seems like Disney's massive, connective story line plans for Star Wars has been somewhat revealed. According to, Star Wars stories will connect beyond movies and TV. Stories will connect into Star Wars comics and even beyond that, into every piece of Star Wars story Disney releases. Probably including future videos games, too.

BadAssDigest reports:

"'We’re going to redefine longform storytelling,' a Lucasfilm employee boasted... For the first time in franchise history, the arc of the new trilogy is planned out in advance. They’re taking this story someplace, not just picking up the loose ends and figuring out where to go next with each new film. Even with the Prequels, which had a predetermined ending, Lucas was kind of making it up as he went along. 
"That longform vision alone is exciting. But what’s more, they’re going to weave this story through cartoons and books and comics, making every piece of side story count. Star Wars has too long been a central series of movies surrounded by absolutely disposable books, comics and games. No more. You won’t have to know that stuff to follow the main story, but if you do know that stuff you’re going to be rewarded."

Sounds exciting, doesn't it?! This all makes sense especially if the rumor about a certain type of villain from Star Wars: Rebels is indeed the main villain in Star Wars Episode VII is true. (Click the related link below to read more about that potential spoiler alert.)