One of the bigger problems with Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice right now is that the rumor mill has turned up its game and it is churning out more right now. This may be due to the fact there wasn't much revealed at Comic-Con 2014 or perhaps it is a result of the film not releasing in theaters for another year and half. Whatever the reasoning, the rumor mill is working very hard lately.

Next up on the rumor report docket are a few things from the website Batman-on-Film. This is what one of their on location spies have told the site:

  • "Aquaman" is indeed in the film and did some sort of film test on a water set recently. The character has a very small role in BvS.
  • The car chase scenes that will take place this coming weekend will not, most likely, include the Batmobile.
  • Those pics online of Ben Affleck (sporting very gray hair on his temples) as Bruce Wayne involve a scene in the film where he’s saving people after some sort of attack on Metropolis (he's was in a Wayne building when it went down it seems) which causes a lot of destruction.
  • There’s a very “anti-Superman” theme to the film which includes people marching in the streets in protest against him.

There have been ongoing rumors claiming actor Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones) has been secretly cast as Aquaman, although neither the actor nor the studio has confirmed this. It is also interesting to have an "anti-Superman" theme in Batman v. Superman after the destructive events in Man of Steel with General Zod attempting to terraform Earth and from the aftermath of Superman's epic one-on-one battle with Zod.

None of this is confirmed so take it all as rumor... for now.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is set to release in theaters on May 6, 2016.