Rob Liefeld Interview: DEADPOOL, CABLE & YOUNGBLOOD Creator's App Could Start an Artist Portfolio Trend

He's created Deadpool, Lady DeadpoolDeadpool Corps, Cable, Domino, X-Force, Youndblood and many other popular comic book characters, his name is Rob Liefeld and he has been an inspiration to many comic book artists. Liefeld has inspired more than just comic book artists, he's recently inspired a digital programmer as well.

Last week, Liefeld launched his own App in the Apple Store. (Click right here to download it.) The App showcases his art, has his bio, upcoming convention appearances, new comic book releases and more.

Liefeld took some time to talk with The Daily SuperHero about his new App, which will be available for Android soon.

Leifeld shared with me his (and his kids) love for technology:

"Well, I'm a techie, I love my iPhone, my iPad, they are always near me, interacting with me. As a father of 3 kids, their tablets and devices are extremely important to them. I see first hand how they connect with the world primarily through apps. To say that today's youth connects primarily through devices is an understatement."

On why he decided to create an App:

"So, an app for my work has long been a goal but it didn't become a reality until I met Curtiss Pope at this years WonderCon. Curtiss introduced himself to me, expressed that he had been a life long fan of my work and that I was one of his inspirations growing up, inspiring him to create art, and then topped it off asking me if I was interested in creating an app with him. He shared with me that he was a developer and wrote code and that he would live to make a Liefeld app. I was pretty floored and recognized how talented Curtiss was and leapt at the opportunity. Three months later, my app was waiting approval in the App Store. It's pretty amazing, I'm very fortunate to have had this opportunity with Curtiss."

On the importance of his App and his growing fan base:

"The importance of the app to me and for my work is the ability to reach out to the growing fan base of young fans that love the characters I've created. As Cable and Deadpool and the stable of characters I generated for Marvel continue to be prominently featured in video games, cartoons, action figures and dominate retail outlets with an overwhelming amount of licensed products, interest in me and my work has exploded. This app educates fans old and new, expanding the awareness of the work that went in to creating these characters that continue to grow in popularity. 
"I've met so many young fans on the convention circuit, I meet their parents, their friends and these kids are 8-12 years old and they have so many questions, often the same questions over and over. This app provides an arena to ask me questions and I'll answer in real time, they are literally answered immediately inside the app. That's as interactive as any opportunity with any creator I've seen. This app and the apps to follow, promote the creator as well as the creations. I'm a creator, I've always been about promoting the talent, this is the next step for creators."

On accessing comics through his App:

"There is a 10 page FREE comic book of one of my favorite creations, RE:GEX available in the app right now. It's re-colored, re-lettered, re-mastered and a perfect sample for more RE:GEX projects in the future. There will be more free comics, more previews of my upcoming work featured exclusively in the app. A store will be added at some point. The app will continue to update and evolve. I'm loading new images every day. I've drawn nearly 4000 pages of comic book artwork and each page features 4-6 images on average so there is a whole lot of art to pull from as well as the new art I'm generating."

Liefeld revealed a new update to his App that is coming soon... and sounds very cool: 

"There will be a fan art section available soon, where I will feature a new picture from fan submissions every day. Look for that in the next few days..."

On other artists following his lead to showcase their work/portfolio with their own respective App:

"I would expect yes, many more to follow. This is the best way to present your work and your story to the legions of young fans who are discovering comic books and comic book characters. I'm fortunate in that my work has reached millions of fans worldwide and the characters that I created have had longevity and in fact are continuing to surge and create new awareness. This app creates an intimate and immediate connection as anything I've seen to date."

Liefeld's App is FREE to download and available on the Apple Store right now by clicking right here or here:

According to Liefeld, the App will be available for Android very soon.

A big shout out and thank you to Rob for taking the time to answers a few of my questions! Make sure to follow him on Twitter (@RobertLiefeld) too!